What is your NPS (Net Promoter Score) score in your business?

By Bill Murray

January 25, 2019

Knowing what your customers, members, and guest feel about your business allows you to continuously improve.

I have worked with many companies, and clients over my career from hospitality, software, real estate, manufacturing, luxury, travel, and fitness. I am always drawn back to fitness due to my passion for how it changes someone’s life forever. However, regardless of the industry great companies and businesses take the time to know what their customer is feeling. They have their pulse on this daily. And while I do believe taking care of your employees is number one, for they take care of you customer, right after that is how does the customer feel. In 2019 we can know daily how our customers are feeling. It is no longer waiting for you monthly or quarterly GSI (Guest Service Index). Through technology today we can find out today how they feel about their experience today.

My two favorite NPS tools are Listen360 and Customer Gauge. They are reasonably priced and have exceptional firefighting tools built right in to them.  I suggest if you do not know your NPS score for your business you take the time to find out daily. Get a lead indicator instead of a lag indicator by doing a small fraction of active members daily, or when the customer uses your service/product. If you need help implementing an NPS tool and adding it to your culture, please feel free to reach out to me.

(and if you are not doing NPS for your employees or the Gallup 12, you are missing out.)