The confusion around active vs. passive recruiting.

By Bill Murray

March 11, 2019

The learning: Taking the time to listen.

I love recruiting for our clients that have a great culture where the team is treated with respect and feels good about the mission of the company. Where leadership sees each of its people as a valued part of the team. You can hear this culture the minute you start talking with these types of companies. The people matter and providing an exceptional employee experience matter.

One of the funny things in recruiting is how the definition of active vs. passive recruiting can be different from company to company. Meaning, we will say to the hiring manager, or HR team that our recruiting focuses on passive recruiting (meaning we look for people that are not actively looking for a position… they are working and not looking). Then you hear them say and see their face cringe; “NO we want active recruiting we need to fill the role immediately.”

Depending on your definition of active vs. passive recruiting this can create some misunderstanding for either party, us as the recruiter or the client who needs people now. The key to remember is to listen, ask questions, and take the time to make sure both parties are on the same page. If you make your definition of communication: the response we get! Then we all take the time to understand where the other person is coming from in each interaction.

What is your definition of passive recruiting? From which perspective (hiring company or employee)? Either way, let’s slow down, ask better questions and build great relationships.