Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates of Success - all 5 Applied

By Bill Murray

January 25, 2019

Guaranteed Success every time when following a proven model that works: Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates of Success.

Over the next few weeks I will take you through a broad stroke overview of the 5 Mandates of Success that we have implemented in hundreds of companies and thousands of locations. This is a model that when fully embraced will be successful in building or transforming your business.  The mandates at first glance look easy, but by no means are they simple because it requires building incremental habits that will change everything about how you treat your business, your people, and your customer.

Each Mandate can and should be applied to the metrics/KPIs in your business. Today I will use the health club industry as an example. We all may have different success numbers tied to the metric, however, this is just an example. To help you understand the application of the 5 mandates and KNOWING each of your KPIs that make your business successful. We have developed these for multiple industries and adjust it as needed to your business model.

Here is an example specific to fitness facilities:

Let’s take the 5 Mandates and apply to one KPI listed, Talent Maniacs can take you through the application of all of them, or build your model for you, however, let’s just use one today. I will go with one of my favorites: Employee Engagement (the one that many owners suck at)

Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates Applied:

1. Know the result we want (Another way to look at this is S.M.A.R.T goals.)

  • We would like our employee engagement score to improve and be at a 3.75 or higher for Q2 2019.

2. Take multiple actions and apply incremental habits. (a minimum of 3 actions and 3 habits)

Minimum 3 Actions:

a. We will survey the level of engagement in Q1 to know our benchmark.

b. We will take the feedback from that survey and design and build incremental habits off that feedback.

c. We will kick off Q1 with an “Ask Me Anything” breakfast to help further transparency and feedback, while also preparing a winning culture for 2019.

Minimum 3 Habits:

             The Habits are built off the feedback on the surveys and from the team meeting (in this example the AMA breakfast).

             Here are three incremental habits that may come from the feedback

a.      Informal touch base with each team member on a monthly (could be more) basis.

b.      Walking the building and talking to the team daily, not sitting in your office.

c.      Do one team building exercise/training a month.

3. Review Milestones (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). In this example milestones are spread out, in most KPIs to run the business you are looking at them multiple times a day to adjust daily.

  • Q1 Employee Engagement Survey score
  • Q2 Employee Engagement Survey score

4. Practice Behavioral Flexibility. Remember the Diamond Rule: Treat others in the unique way they like to be treated.

Flexibility as applied to this example (Employee Engagement) would be remembering that all people do not like being treated the same and great leaders/managers get to know the human being and adjust their feedback, coaching, and training based on who the team member is, and work with them based on their goals.

5. “Be Excellence” in everything you do every day.

Back in the late 90s when I first studied Locus of Control it resonated with me so strongly because literally everything we do, and think is based on our Locus of Control. Our parents, teachers, and environment taught us, and we then reinforced our external or internal locus of control. We must consciously choose to have an internal locus of control and never allow outside circumstance to determine who we are and how we will act. This is no easy task, however daily we should be looking to improve on it.

What this means is we consciously choose to be our best, lead our people and do not use external excuses for falling short and if we do, correct it immediately.

I have seen tremendous results in business with the 5 Mandates and wanted you all to grab a hold of any piece that may help you. I love seeing people, leaders, managers, and businesses grow. Let me know if it helps.