Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates of Success – Mandate #2: Multiple action and incremental habits.

By Bill Murray

February 4, 2019

Digging into each of the 5 of a model that guarantees success:

  1. Know the result you want.
  2. Multiple actions and incremental habits.
  3. Scoreboard, Milestone review daily, weekly, monthly.
  4. Behavioral flexibility.
  5. Come from a place of Excellence daily.

Today we look at #2. Want to see them ALL applied to a goal? click here

The goal is to not have one route to get to the goal, we must lay out a minimum of three actions to get to the goal and a minimum of three incremental habits. This allows us to think of alternatives and use massive action to get results. So many people believe one action is what they need and they do not cover their bases with Massive Action (minimum 3). They take an action, do not get results and blame someone else. Define your multiple actions when stating your goal.

In our example of the 5 Mandates Applied – Click here our actions are listed here to increase our employee engagement score.

Minimum 3 Actions: 

a. We will survey the level of engagement in Q1 to know our benchmark.

b. We will take the feedback from that survey and design and build incremental habits off that feedback.

c. We will kick off Q1 with an “Ask Me Anything” breakfast to help further transparency and feedback, while also preparing a winning culture for 2019.


When you apply the actions, you also want to consider the daily incremental habits to get you to your goal. This is the process and systemic work that you will do daily to get you to hit your goal. Make sure to build the habit pattern to make your habits part of every day. 

Minimum 3 Habits:

The Habits are built off the feedback on the surveys and from the team meeting (in this example the AMA breakfast).

Here are three incremental habits that may come from the feedback

a.      Informal touch base with each team member on a monthly (could be more) basis.

b.      Walking the building and talking to the team daily, not sitting in your office.

c.      Do one team building exercise/training a month.

Accountability Partner: Always decide your accountability partner or system from the outset of the goal. This confirms that habit will be in place and someone else is there to help you guarantee action happens.

Implementation Intention: They key with this is to make a statement out loud of your Implementation Intention. Implementation Intentions are out loud declarations of the who, where, when, why, and how.  This will create that definiteness of purpose in your actions and habits. Make sure to do it!

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