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Talent Acquisition

Our customized candidate acquisition and retention strategies provide our clients with the best candidates that fit the business goals as well as the company culture.

Talent Development

We look at your needs, discuss your goals, and design a scalable training program to get your team ready to succeed.

Employee Engagement

We start by getting the pulse of your team, then we develop a plan to guide your team to positive lasting results.

Recent Posts

Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates of Success – all 5 Applied

By Bill Murray January 25, 2019 Guaranteed Success every time when following a proven model that works: Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates of Success. Over the next few weeks I will take you through a broad stroke overview of the 5 Mandates of Success that we have implemented...

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Are you growing your team? Or are they throw away?

By Bill Murray January 25, 2019 When did many leaders stop caring about the growth of their people? I can remember my first real job (after cutting lawns, selling shirts, fundraising for school, and delivering newspapers) at McDonalds. At 15 I wanted to work there so...

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What is your NPS (Net Promoter Score) score in your business?

By Bill Murray January 25, 2019 Knowing what your customers, members, and guest feel about your business allows you to continuously improve.I have worked with many companies, and clients over my career from hospitality, software, real estate, manufacturing, luxury,...

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Are you a cry baby when it comes to feedback from clients?

By Bill Murray January 28, 2019 It’s not MY fault! Cry baby owners who blame the customer/member/guests or their employees for their shitty service they provide as owners. Recently I have seen and heard a rash of bullshit around NPS (Net Promoter Score), employee...

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Are you ALWAYS growing?

By Bill Murray January 21, 2019 Are you ALWAYS growing? Do you force yourself to get uncomfortable daily? It’s no wonder that people have such completely different experiences in building a business (and life). I find there are two types of business people. Those that...

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