Are you "being" or "doing" Leadership? Take the time to BE a Leader!

By Bill Murray

January 7, 2018

Me and the teams I’ve built around me have trained many people in Leadership. One of the most important components of Leadership is to understand the importance of the human connection. This is the piece that starts at the basis of all relationships… trust. Part of the “doing process” is to connect, ask questions, and see what you can do to help your people expand and grow daily. We all must be expanding daily or to put it bluntly we are dying.

This goes back to one of my top questions of Leaders. Are you doing Leadership or are you being a leader? To be a leader requires a servant leadership approach encompassing at a minimum the following characteristics.


Take the time to hear what is going on and have enough belief, passion, and drive to make a positive impact through your words and actions on your team.


Have daily and weekly conversations about strengths and opportunities for growth. Make them real conversations, not a checklist to get completed.


Your people doing things right and vocalize it. Be specific with positive praise.

Communicating Regularly

Do not assume anything. You must take the time to make expectations clear, and guide your people.


Ask questions to help your team members to come to their conclusions and best steps and actions.

This requires asking questions (seeking to understand) but the questions aren’t the important piece of each interaction. The individual in front of you answers are what matters most and your commitment to influence and grow your team, regardless of if they are with you a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime.

When you think about modeling success and modeling great leaders, there is a belief missing from most leaders approach to people. Its that we as leaders need to have beliefs that we can and will make a difference in others lives, both personally and professionally. This requires a mindset of care, humility, understanding, and love. What beliefs to you go into your daily actions with as a Leader?

Don’t “do” the steps of Leadership. Take the time to BE a Leader.