If you do not know the score throughout the day, your business loses. - Mandate #3

By Bill Murray

February 6, 2019

Digging into each of the 5 Mandates, a model that guarantees success: Let’s discuss #3 today.

Talent Maniac’s 5 Mandates of Success

1.      Know the result you want. S.M.A.R.T Goals!

2.      Multiple actions and incremental habits.

3.      Scoreboard, Milestone review daily, weekly, monthly.

4.      Behavioral flexibility.

5.      Come from a place of Excellence daily.

Today we look at #3. (Want to see all 5 of them ALL applied to a goal? (click here)

Scoreboards, Milestones, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) must be reviewed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly… most are DAILY!

Most people do not build the habits necessary to get to goal daily, it is why in the health club industry you have “close outs”. You use the end of the month to make up for a whole lot of lazy that happened all month. 

If you take the time daily to look at your membership goal for the month, on a daily (multiple times a day) basis you know each and every day the additional actions, or more behavioral flexibility is needed to hit your daily goal.

First decide in your business which KPIs are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. We can help!

Imagine setting the goal of losing 30 pounds over three months. Would you wait till the last day of the 3rd month to weigh yourself? NO! Goals that have actions that can be taken daily, must be measured daily, and you need daily scores/KPIs to decide where, when, and how.

If you have a 70% closing ratio (if yours is lower, you obviously need to work with us to fix it) and you goal is 300 memberships, using March 2019… How many leads do you need? 429.

Taking the straight daily average of 31 days in the month, that is about 10 memberships a day. With our clients we do not use straight averages, we adjust to historical data for the daily trend in sales… similar to how we work with real estate, hospitality, and retail companies, we get the daily goal correct and train to hit it.

Daily focus example:

If this was 3/1/2019 at 11 PM. We know going into tomorrow we are short 3 memberships. We need to take action daily on exactly what happens in the day. Don’t be like so many businesses that wait too long to take score.





As you can see as the next days moved forward we are going into Wednesday,

3/6/2019 behind 3 memberships. Now we adjust our actions on 3/5/2019

1.      Ask for more referrals at the desk

2.      Increase our social budget a little bit for join today

3.      Increase our outgoing calls for follow up in our CRM

This list goes on and you take each day as it comes to hit your goal.

(our scoreboards apply to all metrics within the industries we work with, we are using one example of membership here).

If you are not defining your KPIs/Scoreboards/Metrics and using them daily to manage your business, you probably are not hitting your goals.

Want to transform your business? We have the experience and tools to do it. Please reach out to us at Talent Maniacs for all your recruiting, sales training, customer service training, leadership development, and accountability training for results.