Excellence - Daily Choice! Mandate #5

By Bill Murray

February 21, 2019

Digging into each of the Talent Maniacs 5 Mandates, a model that guarantees success: Let’s discuss #5.

Talent Maniac’s 5 Mandates of Success

1.      Know the result you want. S.M.A.R.T Goals!

2.      Multiple actions and incremental habits.

3.      Scoreboard, Milestone review daily, weekly, monthly.

4.      Behavioral flexibility.

5.      Come from a place of Excellence daily.

Today we look at #5. (Want to see all 5 of them ALL applied to a goal? (click here)

Coming from a place of Excellence is 100% always your choice. The lazy and unfocused will say to themselves it is impossible and look for every excuse in the book on why they cannot come from a place of excellence. You hear these people daily and they live on the whiner side of the winner vs. whiner life. Blaming corporate, marketing, their employees, and never realizing it is all them.

When you take time throughout your day to get in touch with where you are, you consciously choose a place of excellence. Hint: Set a calendar reminder for multiple points throughout the day and when it goes off.. Ask yourself: “Where is my body and brain?”

From that place of excellence it guarantees that you will see and hear possibilities, intuition, tapping into universal energy, and things you cannot see when you are blaming others for how down, angry, upset, or frustrated that you are feeling. Take the time to feel it, get rid of it and move on.

Tools to get into that place of Excellence include:

·      Morning rituals

·      Gratitude lists

·      Vision boards

·      Broad stroke visualizations

·      Power move

·      Meditation

·      Yoga

·      Working out

·      Cardio

·      Deep breathing

Our “state” does impact what we have access to in getting our results. Which means we must consciously be aware of our state and what allows it to go down hill and what we can do to mentally and physically change it. There are only two ways to change your state: Body and Brain! What are you doing with your body? What are you doing with your brain? You want to consciously determine what you can do to get back to a place of Excellence. This requires conscious choice and not running old patterns.

Auto Pilot – Too many people allow their brain to run on auto pilot and not take control of what they are feeling, seeing, and hearing in their head. By making this conscious choice (deliberate choice) you move in a positive, abundant, thriving, and loving direction. Auto pilot destroys lives daily. We must take the time to think about what we are thinking about and if it is not expansion, growth, gratitude, and possibilities then we MUST do something different. Change or body and mind immediately.

How do you change your state to get back to a place of excellence throughout your day?

I absolutely love working with our clients to see employee engagement improve, to hear sales consistently increasing, and to watch people grow and consistently practice CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement). If you would like to grow your business, please reach out to me. It’s my passion!