Do you follow the Golden Rule or the Diamond Rule?

By Bill Murray

February 12, 2019

Having been in service and sales for over 2.5 decades and having trained over 10,000++ people, there is one thing that will guarantee you poor service or bad sales, that is treating others the way you like to be treated. The Golden Rule says to “due onto others as you would have them do unto you”, the problem with this rule in sales and service is… we all like to be treated differently.

That is why when we take you through Talent Maniac’s 5 Mandates of Success, number 4 is all about “behavioral flexibility.” Do you have the ability to change your approach based on the human being in front of you? If your Emotional Intelligence is low, it is likely you are unaware that you need to change your approach and adjust to the human being in front of you. If your Emotional Intelligence is high, you’re probably extremely good at naturally picking up on changing to the person in front of you.

Either way, the sooner you can get your arms around the “Diamond Rule”

Treat people in the unique way they like to be treated

the better results you will get in your sales and your service.

When you look at someone and listen to them take the time to consciously notice their body language, their tone, tempo, and speed of voice and make a conscious decision to adjust yours slightly to be more like them. This allows rapport to be established at an unconscious level. People like people like themselves.

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