Who do you blame for your success or failure in business? (look in the mirror)

By Bill Murray

January 31, 2019

We spend some time on Locus of Control when we are working through Mandate #4 – Behavioral Flexibility, however with so many questions on it. I felt it best to bring it up now.

When I was in 4th grade I can remember walking in to church and my mom coughing and sneezing. Father Bruni, our priest said, “Liz you do not sound well.”. My mom said, “I am catching a cold.”. Father Bruni, responded “why do you choose to catch a cold.” That moment always sticks out when I am discussing with our clients, their Locus of Control. I learned early and always believed everything was up to me and never used the external as an excuse for not being successful.

Locus of control is a psychological concept that refers to how strongly people believe they have control over the situations and experiences that affect their lives. In business, locus of control typically refers to how business people perceive the causes of their success or failure in business.

–         According to psychologist Julian Rotter, who formulated the concept in the 1950s, the locus of control is a dimension of personality; it helps explain one’s traits and behavior.

How do you run your business/life, with an external or internal locus of control?

Internal – When you run your business with an “internal locus of control”, you generally believe that your success or failure is a result of the effort and hard work you invest in your business.

External – Business people with an “external locus of control” generally believe that their successes or failures result from external factors beyond their control, such as luck, franchisor, marketing, fate, circumstance, injustice, or bias. 

You should take the time to determine where your locus of control is and if it is external, it’s time to do a lot of work.

For example, business people with an internal locus of control look at their customers complaints of poor service and then know as business owners they are 100% at fault for their failure to hire correctly, or train, whereas businesses with an external locus of control may blame generation ___, the workforce, and anything but themselves.

Whether a business has an internal or external locus of control is thought to have a powerful effect on business results, motivation, persistence, and achievement in their business.

As a business owner you want to hire, “internals” because they are considered more likely to work hard in order to learn, progress, and succeed, while “externals” are more likely to believe that working hard is “pointless” because someone or something else is treating them unfairly or holding them back.

Where are you? Are you consistently adjusting your approach to get better results? Are you always looking in the mirror? Need help, we are here for you.