Are You ALWAYS Growing?

By Bill Murray

January 21, 2019

Are you ALWAYS growing? Do you force yourself to get uncomfortable daily?

It’s no wonder that people have such completely different experiences in building a business (and life). I find there are two types of business people. Those that know it all and got it all, and those that continuously are looking, listening and digging for how to get better. I’m confident I’m part of the latter, however, at times even I am aware of the moment I say….

“Why do I need to work with a producer? I’ve been training and speaking to groups/teams for 20 years? “He wants my deck and wants me to practice with him?” ‘Why? I got this!

Then my conscious choices light up and say, “what the fuck?” You need to grow and the universe has presented this opportunity to grow. Wake up! Grow! Learn and move to a new level. We are always learning and life will be like this till the day I die.

I wanted to remind you…. look for new growth, ask for new ideas, walk through the uncomfortable changes in life every day. Do it now! Not tomorrow and not next week.

What are you doing to grow and get uncomfortable?