Are you a cry baby when it comes to feedback from clients?

By Bill Murray

January 28, 2019

It’s not MY fault! Cry baby owners who blame the customer/member/guests or their employees for their shitty service they provide as owners.

Recently I have seen and heard a rash of bullshit around NPS (Net Promoter Score), employee surveys, and negative social media posts. I don’t see how anyone can own a business and blame the member/client/guest or their employees for the negative scores and posts. It’s YOUR business. Look in the mirror and accept the feedback and make a plan to get better. Every moment of every day look to improve your service to both your employees and your customers.

Why would you want to ban the customer/guest/member from your business because their perception is that your business sucks? Why not reach out to them? Why not ask your team how to make it better? Why not own your business and what you have created in the eyes of others?

Across more than three decades of business experience responding to employee satisfaction, member/guest/customer satisfaction, and feedback from both, I never once blamed the employee or member/guest/customer. I always looked in the mirror and asked how do we get better? The blaming of others will not allow you or your business to thrive.

Are you blaming others? Stop! Make a plan to get better! Ask others for their input. Only through action will you see improvement.